Sports Massage Treatment in Everett for Hamstring Injuries

Sports Massage Treatment in Everett for Hamstring InjuriesMassages in general provide welcome relief for all types of muscle soreness but are particularly beneficial for hamstring problems. Sports massage treatment in Everett is an excellent option to handle pain, stiffness and soreness as it can loosen tight muscles and scar tissue, stretch muscles and stimulate more blood flow.

An effective sports massage therapist utilizes the following techniques singly or in combination to stretch muscles and increase blood flow:

  • Lightly but firmly stroke upward along the back of the thigh and then move the hands down the sides of the thigh. Pressure is deepened as tolerated by the patient.
  • Apply a solid kneading technique over the entire surface of the thigh to manipulate muscle fibers and loosen them. The kneading may also be performed in circular motions.
  • Slowly but deliberately press on the muscle in a sustained manner to release knots and lumps.
  • Tight and sensitive muscle knots can be relieved with deep circular motions in the affected area. This method should not initiate pain.

A thorough discussion of the injury source and any self-treatment options that you have attempted should occur with the massage therapist before beginning massage treatment. In addition, after treating the hamstring injury, it is advisable to maintain repeat treatments to aid in injury prevention in the future.

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