Spruce Up For That Big Date with Spa Services For Men

Spas may attract a mainly female client base, but that doesn’t mean that men should feel uncomfortable about dropping in. At Levisage Wellness Center, we offer a wide range of services that work equally well for both genders – and a few that might apply more to men than women. Try one of these three services that are perfect for men in order to prepare for your next big day to ensure a boost of confidence and improved appearance .

Facials For ExfoliationMen's Facials in Lynnwood

When was the last time you removed dead skin cells from your face? A good scrub, polish, and moisturizing is one of the best ways to look a few years younger without plastic surgery. You are sure to make the best first impression possible after a toning massage and a gentle eye lift treatment.

Waxing Those Unwanted Hairs

While women may request leg waxing, our team of hair removal experts are also prepared to handle chest and back hair waxing. Put down that razor and stop fighting against an endless tide of returning hair when we can solve the problem for weeks at a time.

Relaxing Massages

Finally, don’t forget that we provide body massages for atheletes and weekend warriors alike. Deal with lingering muscle tension or mild back pain by scheduling an appointment with the massage therapists at Levisage Wellness Center & Spa today.

Contact Levisage Wellness Center & Spa by calling (425) 905-2410. Contact us for more information on men’s facials in Lynnwood and our other luxurious spa services today.