The 4 Best Spa Treatments for Your Money

spa in EverettAny spa treatment that you can afford is definitely worth spending the money. There are some spa treatments, however, that stretches your bottom dollar and provides lasting benefits. Le Visage Wellness, a quality spa in Everett, provides the gamut of spa services to meet every need and budget.

The four best spa treatments for the amount of money you spend are:

  1. Facial – There are a wide variety of facials available that each focus on specific areas. Two specific facials that offer long-term advantages are the European facial and acne facial. The European facial moisturizes and hydrates irritated skin on the face. The acne facial removes deep blackheads and clarifies the skin for a smoother appearance. All facials include a skin analysis, product recommendation for your specific skin requirements and leave your skin soft and clear. One treatment is all that is required to see excellent results but repeated facials offer additional rewards.
  2. Microdermabrasion – This spa therapy generally needs several treatments to see the best outcome. A safe alternative to chemical peels, microdermabrasion carefully removes acne scars and leaves skin smooth and glowing.
  3. Body Wrap – The ultimate in pampering, a full body wrap exfoliates dead skin layers and hydrates your body, leaving you refreshed and with a natural shine.
  4. Chemical peel – One application removes dead skin, surface scars and imperfections and fine lines. Subsequent treatments can do even more.

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