The Advantages of Photo-Rejuvenation in Everett

Photo-Rejuvenation in Everett

Photo-rejuvenation in Everett is an excellent way to obtain a clear, vibrant complexion that takes little time or effort. Even the most scrupulous skin care routine needs a little extra help from time to time. This procedure effectively uses a combination of intense red and healing red light to lessen the appearance of sun spots, melasma, freckles, large pores, rosacea, spider veins, flushed face, wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks and broken capillaries. It is negligibly invasive with few side effects and minimal recovery time. Improvement of skin texture and quality are welcome benefits and are long-lasting. This procedure works well on any area of the body, but most individuals choose to repair skin on the face and neck.

During your pre-treatment consultation, you will discuss your medical history and have your skin examined to determine your eligibility for the procedure. A skin treatment plan will be outlined that covers the number of procedures required for maximum results.

A photo-rejuvenation treatment is relatively straightforward. For facial treatment, you wear a protective eye mask. A device that uses a combination of intense red and healing red light is carefully pressed to each problem area. The light that emanates from the equipment warms collagen under the skin and encourages it to reproduce. Additional collagen production fills in wrinkles and fine lines and thins acne scars. It also reduces skin discolorations and flushing. The procedure typically causes only mild discomfort that can be addressed with an over-the-counter pain reliever.

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