The Benefits of Prolotherapy in Mukilteo for Joint Pain

Prolotherapy in Mukilteo

An unwelcome result of joint damage or injury is severe pain and limited range of motion. Pain levels range from a little discomfort to debilitating agony. Treatments vary for this condition, depending on whether the problem is chronic or temporary. One solution that offers many benefits is prolotherapy in Mukilteo.

Minor issues like sprains and strains and gout typically respond to ice and heat, physical therapy and NSAIDs. More complex joint conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis or osteoarthritis may require surgery. Knee pain is the most common joint problem, followed by hips and shoulders. Aging contributes to these complaints.

Prolotherapy is an innovative yet completely safe treatment for joint pain. The procedure involves injections of a solution of Vitamin B-12 or dextrose into the affected area. This stimulates a small inflammatory response, which then encourages a natural, gradual healing of the joint. The connective tissues are reinforced and strengthened in the process.

As a long-term resolution for joint issues, prolotherapy works best for individuals who experience joint pain for more than two months. It is highly effective for severe and chronic joint conditions and repairs the problem rather than simply masking it.

For joint pain that has not responded well to strengthening exercises, prolotherapy treatments are usually recommended once a week for three to four weeks. You will first undergo a thorough medical evaluation that includes a health history, x-rays and laboratory testing to determine the source of the joint pain before development of a treatment plan.

For additional information about prolotherapy in Mukilteo and your treatment options, contact Le Visage Wellness at (425) 905-2410.  This affordable and non-invasive solution is suitable for individuals of all ages.