The Best Facial Treatments in Mukilteo


A facial is a great way to say your sorry and thank you to your skin  at the same time. Every day toxins seep into your pores causing blemishes, wrinkles and other skin disorders. The best way to have those toxins removed is through getting a professional facial treatment. Sure, you can do one at home but unless you have the ability to purchase high end masks and assuming you have the knowledge of skin types your not going to achieve professional quality. There are many different types of facial treatments that  are available at a Mukilteo Facial Spa. Most high end spas will give you a complimentary skin analysis prior to doing any skin treatments to determine the most beneficial and customized treatment program as well as products for your skin and lifestyle.

Most facials will include,

  • cleansing
  • exfoliating
  • steaming with aromatherapy
  • extracting of surface impurities (deep pore cleansing)
  • toning facial massage or high frequency treatment
  • custom-blended mask
  • specialty eye lift treatment
  • soothing hand massage
  • nourishing botanical extracts
  • lymphatic drainage massage on neck and shoulders

Some facials you will find really can zone in on a particular skin problem and begin to repair your skin sometimes as soon as your first visit. If your looking to improve your skin appearance and get your healthy glow back schedule an appointment with a Mukilteo spa professional to get started.