The Facts about Eyelash Growth and RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum

Tired of having to use one mascara for length and one for thickness? Then there’s the mess every night of removing multiple layers of waterproof gunk! Try Mukilteo Spa’s RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum.

The Growth Cycle of Eyelashes

Eyelashes are hairs, and like any hair on the human body, there is a growth (and death) cycle. There are three phases in eyelash growth:

  1. Anagen Phase – is the active phase, and the only time lashes grow. Cellular division during  the anagen phase builds the shaft of the lash. As the cells multiply, the lash is pushed out of the lid. Most of the hair on the body is in the amagen phase at the same time, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.
  2. Catagen Phase – this transitional phase begins immediately after the anagen phase is ended. As the shortest of the three stages, the catagen phase is the period when the lash is moving from growth to rest. In addition to being the shortest phase, the fewest amount of hairs on the body are in the catagen phase at one time.
  3. Telogen Phase – both the hair (lash) and follicle are at rest. There is no lash growth for the lashes in the telogen phase. Once the new lash begins to grow (anagen phase), it pushes the old lash out (shedding).
While the growth cycle varies from person to person, the anagen phase (growth) generally last 30 – 45 days. Lashes move quickly through the catagen (transition) and telogen (rest).

By stimulating the follicles to return to the anagen phase sooner, the lashes continue to grow. Unfortunately, even with an extended anagen cycle, the lashes still must eventually die. Reports of women losing large number of lashes after about 6-7 months is merely the natural life cycle, having been interrupted on the older lashes, finally completing with more lashes at the same time.

What is Eyelash Renewal Serum?

Polypeptides, a type of protein, are used in combination with vitamins, moisturizers and minerals to hydrate your eyelashes and strengthen the hair follicles. As the only over-the-counter product that offers results similar to the prescription Latisse, the RapidLash product:

  • received approval from both US and European Union for safety and regulatory status
  • passed skin irritation trials conducted by both Dermatologists and Opthomologists
  • is paraben-, cruelty- and fragrance-free

The life span of the human eyelash is about 6 weeks. Apparently, the serum enhances eye lash growth and extends the lifespan. Always seek advice from your physician before trying a new product, especially around your eyes!

With use as directed, side effects were not reported in clinical testing. The product should be used on top lash line, applied like an eyeliner at the base of lashes. This allows the serum to stimulate growth in the follicles. Directions also indicate using on lower lash line as well, but be very careful with application. The product is also effective for stimulating eyebrow growth too!