The Facts of Paraffin Wax Treatment

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to prepare for the accompanying dry, flaky skin. There are measures you can take that will prevent itchy, flaky, scaly winter skin. An Edmonds Paraffin Wax Treatment is one sure way to help avoid (or remove) the drying effects of winter air.

Millions of Years in the Making!

Okay, maybe not the actual paraffin wax treatment, but the development of the paraffin took between 100-700 million years! A natural wax, paraffin is the remnants of the plant’s protective waxes that formed on the stems and leaves during adverse weather conditions. Over the millions of years of decay that formed petroleum, this wax was unaffected by the excessive heat and pressure that formed petroleum from the decaying plants. Hence the name:

parum (without) + affinis (attraction) = paraffin

Named this because the wax reacts with very few substances.

Considered an undesirable by-product of crude oil distillation, many petroleum companies refine the parrafin out as a clear liquid or a solid “milky white” block. The paraffin, as sold by petroleum manufacturers is inconsistent as to color, chemical composition and texture; the distinct properties from one batch to the next is determined by the exact composition of the crude oil from which it was processed.

The paraffin is often purchase and refined further by specialty wax processors. With a melting point between 115°-154°F (45° – 68°C), paraffin is an excellent material for storing heat. This is essential to the Edmonds Paraffin Wax Treatment.

What to expect

The paraffin treatment is exceptionally soothing and will likely be performed by an esthetician or a beautician. Please come to your treatment with clean feet! If this is not possible, be sure to have them cleaned prior to dipping (and by all means, tip your technician well!!!). The treatment will follow these general steps:

  1. The paraffin will be heated to melting in a special vat for that purpose.
  2. Once the paraffin has reached temperature, you will dip your hands and or feet into the vat, coating the surfaces completely
  3. Often, you will be asked to dip your hands/feet several times to reap full benefits from the heat
  4. The wax will be allowed to harden, transferring the heat into your skin as it cools
  5. Once the wax has completely cooled (15-30 minutes), it will be peeled off 
  6. The surface of your hands/feet will be completely exfoliated and the pores opened, leaving the surface smooth and moist
Are There any Hazards 

1. Diabetic patients can have problems when submersing feet in warm liquids, so it is best to avoid the paraffin treatment if you suffer from diabetes.

2.  Pregnant women, that suffer from swelling in heat, may find the treatment uncomfortable, and may choose to avoid hot paraffin wax to soften their skin.

3.  Should you have any chronic, contagious foot condition (fungus, athlete’s foot, etc.), please inform your technician! There are alternative methods of applying the paraffin in such cases to avoid contaminating the vat.