Treat Yourself To A Luxurious Facial

Treat Yourself To A Luxurious FacialAre the long hot days of summer affecting your skin? Call us and schedule an appointment with one of our trained estheticians for the most luxurious Everett Facials treatment you’ll ever experience. We’ll start with a complimentary analysis of your skin to determine the best individualized product application for you.

Our paramedical esthetician Maryam Sokhandan grew up in the spa industry. Her mother ran her own spa clinic so Maryam has strong understanding of the skin care world. After leaving home Maryam went on to work with a top cosmetic company. She has more than two decades of experience in skin care which includes pre-surgical and post-surgical procedure experience. Maryam has also earned a master’s degree in engineering.

All of the facial treatments at Levisage include a cleanse, exfoliation, aromatherapy steaming, impurity extraction, facial toning massage, an individualized mask application, an eye lift treatment, a hand massage, a botanical extract application as well as a neck and shoulder lymphatic drainage massage. We offer several types of massages including classic treatments, corrective therapies, non-surgical face-lift treatments, skin rejuvenation therapies and a revitalizing anti-aging series.

At Levisage our mission is to provide you with the best skin care treatment possible. We know the importance of having a certified experienced esthetician to perform our treatments. As the largest organ in your body and the first thing people see when they meet you, we make it our goal to ensure that your skin is in the best hands. Our esthetician and spa staff will do everything possible to provide you with a luxurious, relaxing facial experience.

Contact us today and make an appointment for an Everett Facials treatment at our  Spa sanctuary where our urban oasis and trained professionals will support you on your path to body and mind well being. You’ll be glad you did! Contact us at 425-905-2410 or online by clicking here.