Treat Yourself To Luxurious Spa Body Treatments

Treat Yourself To Luxurious Spa Body TreatmentsAre you in need of some pampering? Is there someone in your life who could benefit from spa treatments? At the LeVisage Wellness Center, you can indulge in the body care treatment of your choice and walk away feeling refreshed and with beautiful, glowing skin. We offer several Body  Treatment options, so all you need to do is choose the right one.

Firming Full Body Coffee Rub

The invigoration you get from a cup of coffee in the morning can now be harnessed in a body treatment. Our Firming Full Body Coffee Rub not only harnesses the invigorating scent of coffee, but it also firms the skin. Coffee has also been shown to lighten the look of stretch marks, making this a favorite treatment for new moms.

Full Body Salt Scrub

The healing powers of the salt from the Dead Sea have long been documented. Now, you can benefit from a Dead Sea salt scrub without a trip to the spas on the shore of the famous sea, because we bring these salts to you.

A salt scrub exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells and other dirt and grime that clogs up your pores and makes your skin look dull and old. It can also kill the bacteria that cases inflammation and acne. Dead sea salt scrubs also increase circulation, and this encourages cell regeneration. After one of these treatments, your skin will have its youthful glow once again.

Paraffin Hand or Feet Heat Therapy Treatments

Are your hands or feet looking a little rough? We tend to be hard on these body parts, but a paraffin hand or feet heat therapy treatment can restore moisture, soften calluses and make your hands or feet look beautiful once again. Whether preparing for a manicure or getting those toes ready for sandal season, these affordable spa treatments are the solution to rough hands and feet.

Spa Sauna

Spend just 15 minutes in our spa sauna and feel your cares melt away. The warm steam relaxes muscles and refreshes skin. You will wake up your senses in just a 15-minute session. This is the most affordable full body care treatment we offer, and well worth the time and money you will invest.

At LeVisage, our goal is to help you look and feel your best while providing a relaxing spa environment to Lynnwood Residents. Stop in today for the Body Treatment of your choice, and leave with radiant, glowing skin and an overall relaxed feeling.