Try Hydra-Clean in Everett for Radiant Skin

As an unfortunate side effect of growing older, most women show their ages in the face, neck and hands with wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin. If you want to keep everyone guessing about how old you really are, you should try a unique facial treatment called hydra-clean in Everett. Completed in 30 minutes or less, a hydra-clean facial deeply hydrates skin, offers superior cleansing and promotes a radiance that you have to experience to believe.

Hydra-Clean in Everett

This facial utilizes a specially designed Thermoclean electrode that can be set to different temperatures according to your individual comfort level. One of two different gels are applied to the treatment area. The universal cleansing gel is appropriate for all skin types, while the purifying cleansing gel is more applicable for oily skin.

The best gel for your skin type is applied, most often to the face, and the warmed Thermoclean electrode slowly and carefully passed over the area. The gentle heat softens pores and penetrates deeply into the skin for the best results. The antimicrobial gel exfoliates, softens, soothes, moisturizes and cleanses your skin in record time.

For a truly enjoyable facial that is convenient and affordable, as well as supplying bright and clear skin you will be happy to show to friends and family, schedule your personal appointment for a spa treatment today at Le Visage Wellness for hydra-clean in Everett. For inquiries about this popular facial, call us at (425)905-2410. Our professional clinicians look forward to working with you and improving your skin.