We Can Help With Professional Eyebrow Waxing In Marysville


We Can Help With Professional Eyebrow Waxing In Marysville

Have you been searching for the right place to get professional eyebrow waxing in Marysville? Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa is here to provide you with perfect eyebrows and impeccable service. While not every salon has the same procedures for eyebrow waxing, there are quite a few universal procedures you can find anywhere. Regardless of the unique differences in methodology, every esthetician wants to give you the brows that you want. The basics you should know about eyebrow waxing are as follows:

When you first come in for your appointment, you generally enter a private area and are invited to lay down on the facial bed. If needed, your hair can be pushed back with a headband or wrapped in a towel, and bright light can be positioned over your face so that the clinician can see every hair that needs to be taken care of. Before waxing begins, you can discuss your needs with your cosmetologist and describe the shaping that you want for your eyebrows. Whether you want a brief clean up, more definition in your eyebrows, or a dramatic, high arch, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible about what you want so that our professionals can give you precisely what you are looking for. You can also bring photos to help specify a particular shape that you want for your eyebrows.

Most estheticians can start with taking out sparse hairs above your brow line and can use scissors to trim, if needed, to achieve the shape that you want. Your cosmetologist can then clean and powder the eyebrow area before waxing to keep your skin safe during the process. If this is your first-ever time waxing, it can be a little bit uncomfortable, but it is very temporary discomfort. After the waxing, a cleanser can be used to quickly remove residues, after which a skin smoother is added to mitigate redness on your skin. Some final cleanup can be accomplished with tweezers to catch stray hairs and hone your shape.

When you are ready to level up your eyebrow waxing in Marysville, contact Le Visage Wellness Center & Spa at (425) 905-2410 to schedule your appointment.