What are the advantages of photo-rejuvenation in Edmonds?

As women worldwide know and deal with every day, getting older and looking your age is inevitable. And, as we mature, our skin ages with us. Frequent sun exposure, fluctuating hormones and gravity all accelerate the aging process. In addition, collagen in the skin continues to break down, causing fine lines (and not so fine lines) and deep grooves throughout the face. Photo-rejuvenation in Edmonds is an excellent option to treat aging skin in a safe and gentle manner with maximum effectiveness.

Photo-Rejuvenation in Edmonds

This minimally invasive procedure that leaves only minor discomfort affects only the specified skin that require treatment, leaving the rest of the skin in the treatment area undisturbed. Although usually conducted on the face, the hands, chest and neck can also benefit from photo-rejuvenation. Results are often dramatic and life-changing. Skin is visibly and physically smoother, looks significantly younger and is healthier than ever before. Problems and concerns such as enlarged pores, sun damage, a reddened face and hyperpigmentation respond very well to this treatment.

There is no recovery time involved with photo-rejuvenation and the even skin tone, smaller pores, reduction of wrinkle size, uneven skin color and redness make this a worthwhile investment. Six treatments lasting 15-45 minutes (depending on treatment scope) each spaced 3-4 weeks apart are recommended for optimum results.

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