What Are The Different Types Of Spa Treatment In Everett?

What Are The Different Types Of Spa Treatment In Everett?

When you think of a spa treatment in Everett, do you automatically think of massages and facials? Many people who are unfamiliar with a spa environment do. However, there are numerous choices for treatments for the face, the whole body, manis and pedis, skin therapies, and hair-removal services.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the primary offerings at your favorite spa:

  • Body treatments include exfoliation and moisturizing of the whole body.
  • Facials treat the face in a variety of ways. Most types include exfoliation, steam, peels, masks, moisturizers, and massages. Dry skin is removed, the muscles are massaged to increase circulation, pores are unclogged, and the entire surface treated with a moisturizer. Some facials target problems like under-eye circles, sinus issues, and anti-aging remedies.
  • The most popular spa treatment is likely the massage. There are many different types. The therapist uses massage oil to aid in massaging the neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, and feet, depending on the type of massage you have. Relaxation may be enhanced with aromatherapy or soft music.
  • Hair removal, via hot wax or laser, is a popular spa treatment. Removal of hair on the face, under the arms, on the legs, chest, back, eyebrows, and in the bikini area are all standard.
  • Manicures and pedicures include exfoliating and softening the skin of the hands or feet.
  • Medical services like microdermabrasion and laser treatments for fine lines, wrinkles, spider veins, or rosacea may also be offered.

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