What can a Hydra Lift treatment do for me?

 hydra lift treatment in EdmondsIf you have been thinking about getting a facial but do not know which type to choose, there is one that offers premium results. For a facial that provides the ultimate in anti-aging properties, lifting sags and bags, firming and toning and ultra-moisturizing benefits, consider a hydra lift treatment in Edmonds from an experienced and knowledgeable clinician at your local spa salon. The results are immediately rejuvenating and visually stunning.

A typical hydra lift facial involves:

  • Thorough but gentle removal of makeup and cleansing of skin on the face and neck with a hydrating cleanser.
  • Utilized with steam, an enzyme exfoliating mask is applied that expertly dissolves dead skin cells and allows the treatment to deeply penetrate the skin.
  • The mask is carefully removed with a soft, warm towel.
  • Toner is first applied to shrink enlarged pores and then a hydrating lotion smoothed over the skin.
  • A wonderfully relaxing yet stimulating facial massage ensues with a specialized massage cream.
  • An additional facial mask for firming, lifting and further moisturizing is added. After about 20 minutes, a designated tightening and lifting serum is spread throughout the area.
  • A final moisturizer is massaged into the skin to provide additional hydration and firming.

Recommended in three separate sessions, your hydra lift treatment in Edmonds is best left to the professionals at Le Visage Wellness. Call us today at (425) 905-2410 to set up your initial consultation and skin evaluation. We look forward to helping you achieve younger-looking and radiant skin for your everyday look or that special occasion.