What happens during Hydraclean in Edmonds?

hydraclean in Edmonds

Everyone has a different reason for getting a professional facial. You may want to eliminate unsightly blackheads, encourage a more youthful appearance, utilize anti-aging remedies or just relax and enjoy a session of pampering. A facial, particularly the hydraclean in Edmonds, is comprised of a multi-level skin treatment that cleans, exfoliates and moisturizes the skin in about a 30-minute period.

After a massage, a facial is the second most favored spa treatment option. During a facial the esthetician will discuss your personal skin care regimen, diet, medications and supplements that you use regularly, water intake and any concerns you have about your skin.

There are several steps involved in a thorough facial treatment. They include the consultation, preparation for the procedure that includes disrobing to a degree and wearing a wrap or robe provided, cleansing, analysis of your skin to determine the best treatment method, steam that is directed on your face to soften skin, exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, the extraction of black or whiteheads, a relaxing facial massage, a mask that is appropriate for your skin type, application of a moisturizer and/or sunscreen and guidance on caring for your skin at home.

Although a single facial has many benefits and is certainly a treat, the skin regenerates about every 30 days. A monthly facial will keep your skin radiant and clear continuously. At the minimum, facials should be administered 4 times per year or as the seasons change. Schedule an appointment for hydraclean in Edmonds with Le Visage Wellness by calling (425)905-2410.