What is a Facial?

Designed to cleanse and exfoliate your skin, a Snohomish Facial also leaves your face well hydrated. If you are unfamiliar with spa treatments, the facial is a great test run. Often, clients will indulge in a sauna (traditional or steam) to open their pores in preparation for the facial.

What to Expect

  1. Cleansing – using a product chosen for your skin type (normal, oily, dry, etc.), your esthetician will thoroughly clean your face of any makeup or moisturizer
  2. Analysis – using a magnifying lamp (extremely bright), your esthetician will examine your skin closely for condition. Your eyes will be protected during this examination.
  3. Exfoliate – depending on both your preference and your esthetician’s recommendations, your facial skin will be exfoliated using either mechanical or chemical methods. Mechanical exfoliation is performed with microdermabrasion tools. Choosing a chemical peel may require subsequent visits to complete the facial.
  4. Extract – using special tools, you may choose to have your esthetician extract black- and/or white-heads. If you have especially sensitive skin this could be painful. Additionally, sometimes, the extraction process can break capillaries or discoloration on sensitive skin. Your esthetician can help determine if your skin is conducive to extraction.
  5. Massage – using classic (effleurage) massage techniques, your esthetician will massage your face and neck muscles. This relaxes and stimulates blood flow to the surface, increasing oxygen flow to your skin.
  6. Mask – your esthetician will choose the appropriate mask for your skin type (aged, dry, oily, etc.). Please note: your esthetician should remain in the room, perform scalp massage, during the mask process. If she/he leaves – don’t return!
  7. Moisturize – because your skin is freshly exfoliated and cleansed, it will be more receptive to retaining moisturizers, allowing them to sink deeper into the tissue. Your esthetician will apply toners and creams to protect your new skin.
  8. Education – your esthetician will speak with you about home skin care and how often you should have a facial.
Best Choice for Facials

While cosmetologists are legally permitted to give facials, the most qualified is a licensed esthetician. Practicing estheticians giving facials should have special training in skin care. Verify the qualifications of your technician. Don’t be embarrassed – ask prior to making the appointment. It may cost a bit more to have a licensed skin care esthetician, but it is well worth the difference.