What is Edmonds Eyelash/Eyebrow Tinting?

Everett Eyebrow TintingLooking for a way to highlight your eyes without the rigors of plucking, curling and application? Tinting your eyelashes and/or eyebrows may well be the solution you seek! Imagine waking up without a face (and eyes) full of mascara you forgot to wash the night before. Plus the added illusion of being ‘made-up’ as soon as you wake up! Remember, the eyebrows provide the perfect frame for any face — and eyelashes enhance your eyes. Especially effective if your hair color is not your own, tinting your eyebrows to blend more naturally with your current hair color of choice is simple with an Edmond’s Eyelash and or Eyebrow Tint.

No More Plucking!

How many times have you plucked your eyebrows (ouch!), spending hours achieving the perfect shape, only to realize they aren’t even? You’re not alone! After all, it’s so very easy to get carried away with plucking, tweezing and shaping — right? Even if you are able to shape your eyebrows perfectly every time, if you have fine, sparse or light colored brows, does it really matter?

A professional tint can exacerbate all your eyebrow woes! Especially effective if you dye your hair, eyebrow tinting will eliminate the tell-tale mis-matched color. Think about it, there’s not a cosmetic appearance much more distracting than a ‘blonde’ (actually a brunette) with dark eyebrows. If your goal is that only your hairdresser knows for sure, carry the transformation through to your eyebrows as well.

No More Irritation!

Are you tired of flaking, clumping, irritating mascara? No more tears Edmond’s Eyelash Tinting will eliminate the smudges and watery eyes — for up to 5 months. Imagine not worrying about how your eyes look every morning! Considering the price for a high quality mascara, tinting is an economic decision as well — especially if you use mascara every day.

Define Yourself!

For the woman with extremely pale skin, although your complexion is enviable, you may need to add depth and definition to your face. Often, with light hair, your lashes are nearly clear — a tint the same shade as the mascara you normally use will help define your eyes. Additionally, light hair is often accompanied with equally light eyebrows which, if tinted with a golden shade will caste a perfect frame for your face.

It is essential that you not be overly drastic with any tinting! The goal is to accentuate your eyes while creating depth and definition. Keep in mind that you can still use a lash plumping mascara in conjunction with the tinting. But how amazing that even after removing your mascara, you will still have eyelashes!

For contact wearers and allergy sufferers, eyelash tinting will eliminate irritation from mascara. It is essential that you consult your professional tinting expert regarding ingredients in the product to avoid adverse reactions.

What to Expect/How to Prepare

In addition to determining the ingredients in the tinting product to be used, you should:

  1. Remove all makeup prior to appointment
  2. Avoid moisturizers the day of your tinting
  3. Remove contact lenses prior to your appointment
  4. Be certain that you are free of eye infection prior to tinting
  5. Do NOT tint your eyelashes at home!
  6. Make certain that the tinting product is aniline-free dye
Note: although the aniline-free dyes used for tinting is not deemed safe by the Food and Drug Administration, the products are not prohibited either. Use your best judgement; only allow a certified technician to tint your eyebrows/eyelashes!