What is Lomi Lomi Massage in Edmonds?

What is Lomi Lomi Massage in Edmonds?Have you ever heard of the ages-old practice of Lomi Lomi massage in Edmonds? Not only do you need to know more about it, you should experience one yourself to realize perfect relaxation and stress relief. Literally translated as “loving hands” in Hawaii, this specialized massage therapy emphasizes deep kneading and rubbing motions that resemble those of a contented cat.

Before your Lomi Lomi appointment, a discussion with the therapist is necessary to determine particular problematic areas of the body and health issues that must be considered. This allows the therapist to know exactly how much pressure can be applied and any restrictions that you may have as the consequence of a medical condition. As a result, Lomi Lomi is highly individualized for each client and his or her specific needs.

A typical Lomi Lomi massage may include deep, smooth strokes over the client’s body through use of the masseuse’s fingers and knuckles, palms of the hands and even elbows, feet and knees! Sometimes more than one therapist may work on a client at one time to work out various areas of the body simultaneously. Additional options might encompass use of soothing oils and hot stones to easier manipulate body parts.

Lomi Lomi is perfect for reducing or completely eliminating stress and tension from every day cares or overuse and injury to muscles.

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