What to Expect at a Coffee Rub Body Scrub

Coffee isn’t just for your morning (or mid-afternoon) pick-me-up! Imagine the sumptuous delight of being scrubbed with coffee! A Mukilteo Coffee Rub  (scrub) will leave your skin soft and luxurious.

What is a Scrub?

Essentially a facial for your body (bodial?), a body scrub can consist of:

  • Coffee Grounds
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Rice Bran
  • Pecan Hulls
just to name a few. Using one of the abrasives, mixed with a massage oil, the skin over your entire body (except the face!) is thoroughly exfoliated. The body scrub not only exfoliates your skin, but leaves it smooth, soft and hydrated. With your skin totally void of dead skin cells, lotion can be absorbed more deeply into your skin.

Why Coffee?

Using coffee grounds as the abrasive in a rub has the following benefits:

  • Gentle – coffee is an extremely gentle exfoliant
  • Astringent – coffee has the same pH as human skin (4.5); this acidic pH helps fight acne and other basic-loving blemishes (base pH > 7.2)
  • Cleanser – great for absorbing and/or neutralizing strong odors
What Can be Expected During a Coffee Scrub?

Generally, a full body scrub is carried out by a trained technician. Rest assured that Lake Stevens Coffee Rub technicians are fully trained, professional and sensitive to your privacy. Your full comfort is key to a successful coffee rub! Your rub will likely be performed in a “wet room” to allow for proper rinsing after the scrub is completed.

You will be asked to disrobe, and lay face-down on the treatment table. The table will be covered with either a towel, a sheet or a thin layer of protective plastic. It is possible you will be in a room equipped with a “wet table”, that has an overhead shower for rinsing the coffee scrub off.

Your therapist will begin by “rubbing” the back side of your body; beginning with your back, continuing to your arms, then the backs of your legs, and finally your feet. After turning face-up, your therapist will continue scrubbing your body on the front. If you would be more comfortable (either for reasons of modesty or temperature), your therapist can cover the portions of your body not being scrubbed; exposing only the area being scrubbed.

Once your therapist has finished, the coffee rub must be rinsed off. This can be achieved by either:

  1. You stepping into a shower and rinsing your body 
  2. Your therapist rinsing your body at the table

It is essential that you rinse all the coffee grinds off your body! Also, do not use shower gels, as they will remove the oils from the scrub. When you return to the table, the therapist will have replaced the sheet with a clean one. You will lay back down and your therapist will apply either oil or body lotion.


1.  Try a coffee scrub followed by a massage – the stimulation of the scrub followed by the relaxation of a massage is the perfect end (or beginning) to the week.

2.  Never be afraid to ask your therapist to adjust the pressure of their “scrub” – even with the most gentle exfoliant is abrasive! Each person differs as to skin sensitivity, just as each therapist differs as to pressure applied during a scrub; it may take some minor adjustments to get it just right.

3.  Body wraps are often preceded by a body scrub; consider this combination as well!