What to Know about Acupuncture in Marysville

What to Know about Acupuncture in Marysville

Acupuncture in Marysville involves the insertion of thin needles into certain areas of the skin to alleviate stress or help with pain and disease management. It should be completed by an experienced professional who is very familiar with the procedure. As an integral part of conventional Chinese medicine, acupuncture restores energy flow throughout the body through nerve and muscle stimulation.

People who can benefit from acupuncture include those who have pain from dental procedures, labor, low back or neck discomfort, headaches and migraines, osteoarthritis, chemo nausea and vomiting, menstrual cramps, and respiratory conditions like allergic rhinitis, among others.

What you are being treated for directly relates to where the needles will be inserted. Your naturopathic doctor will inquire about your health history and complete an evaluation at your first appointment to determine the best approach to manage your symptoms. Note that the needles are often placed far away from where your pain may be originating from. This is quite normal.

The procedure may involve disrobing, and you will be provided with a gown, sheet, or towel to cover areas not being treated. After lying on a padded table, your acupuncture practitioner will insert the needles at different depths in specific body locations. This typically causes little to no discomfort. Most treatments require 5-20 needles. The needles may be manipulated for optimal results. While the needles are in place, you will lie still and relaxed, usually for about 10-20 minutes. Needle removal is generally painless.

After the procedure, you will likely feel relaxed or energized. Several sessions are often required for maximum benefit.

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