Why Bikini Waxing in Mukilteo is Worth It

Why Bikini Waxing in Mukilteo is Worth ItBikini waxing in Mukilteo is well worth the cost. It is a quick way to rid the body of unwanted hair, maintenance is monthly as opposed to almost daily with shaving, since hair is pulled by the roots it tends not to re-grow as quickly, any discomfort is brief and is a professional spa experience that leaves you feeling pampered. In addition, you are left feeling smooth and clean, no unsightly hairs appear around your swimwear and there are no uncomfortable ingrown hairs.

A typical Brazilian wax removes hair in the bikini area of the body, from front to back. Sometimes a small strip of hair is left, according to personal preference. In a few parts of the world, it is a regularly practiced form of hygiene and has been practiced for centuries.

The waxing process includes a questionnaire, removal of clothing on the lower body, wiping with a disinfectant, application of a topical anesthetic, trimming hair to about 1/8 inch, oil smoothed over the surface to keep wax from sticking to skin and then wax is applied section by section in the removal area. The wax hardens slightly and then the wax strip is pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Wax, dead skin cells and hair are removed. A soothing oil and an antibiotic ointment are then rubbed over the area.

For the best waxing experience you should go to a licensed professional, make certain your esthetician has insurance and that the facility is sanitary, take a dose of anti-inflammatory medication prior to your visit and ask about post-waxing care before you leave.

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