Why Body Massage in Everett Works to Relieve Pain

Body Massage in EverettMillions of satisfied clients over thousands of years can attest to the fact that massage works to relax muscles and relieve sometimes debilitating pain from strain, overexertion or injury. Whereas body massage in Everett was once simply considered a luxury or treat, it has become more accepted within the medical community for the health benefits that it offers.

Much of this change of thought stems from stricter licensing requirements for massage therapists, advances in the massage curriculum and plethora of opportunities in continuing education. Research studies show that therapeutic massage aids the body in healing and stimulates cell growth, which encourages faster recovery. Manipulation of muscle tissues discourages inflammation, which helps to relieve pain. What this means is that post-exercise and injury massage shortens healing time and is now considered an accepted method to handle pain, soft-tissue recovery and inflammation.

Of course, there are many different types of massage that focus on specific aspects of the body or an all-inclusive all-over massage that reaches major muscle groups. The particular massage that you seek will depend upon your physical health and areas on which you wish the focus to be.

Speak with an experienced massage therapist at Le Visage Wellness at (425)905-2410 to discuss the manner of massage that would be best for your situation. Whether a Swedish massage, cranial sacral massage or complete body massage in Everett would meet your individual requirements, our therapists have the skill and expertise to affect positive healing and welcome relaxation in a soothing sterile environment.