Why Choose a Hydra-Lift Treatment Over a Facelift?

The signs of aging are painfully obvious all over the body and this is a sore point with women around the world. Millions are spent each year on the latest creams and procedures to slow the aging process or reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sags and bags. There are remedies that you can utilize to help you look and feel younger. Two of the most popular are a surgical facelift and a hydra-lift treatment in Lynnwood.

Hydra-Lift Treatment

A facelift is a medical procedure that lifts sagging skin and eliminates deep wrinkles. Also known as a rhytidectomy, a facelift smooths skin and tightens the tissue beneath. Extra fat is removed in the area during the process. A specially trained physician is required for the procedure, which takes anywhere from 2 and a half to 6 hours. Incisions, bruising and swelling are par for the course. You are released to go home after 1-2 hours recovery time and healing takes from 2-3 weeks. The cost averages about $6k.

In contrast, a hydra-lift treatment also tones, firms and smooths the skin. The muscles below the surface are stimulated to tighten and reduce the appearance of unsightly wrinkles and grooves. Skin is re-hydrated and looks clear and fresh. There is no recovery time and there is no bruising or swelling. No injections are required and a doctor is not needed. Three sessions are recommended for optimum results and each procedure costs less than $1k.

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