Why choose facials in Everett?

Aging adults, women in particular, are concerned with looking older, as is evidenced by the millions of dollars spent annually on skin care and anti-wrinkle products. While home care is very important, regular facials in Everett have anti-aging benefits that are evident after just one treatment. A professional facial reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, maintains effective skin hydration, clears pores of dirt and toxins, exfoliates dead skin and fades dark spots. While this procedure is most often applied to the face, the neck, chest and hands also see great results with this facial procedure.Why choose facials in Everett?

In our 20s, skin cells regenerate very quickly – within about a month – to constantly keep skin fresh and clear. By the time we reach our 40s, this process has slowed considerably to regeneration only every 6-7 weeks. The result is skin that may be dull, creased and rough.

A spa facial treatment by a professional esthetician is not only  special treat, it will help you look and feel younger and more alive. A chemical peel is recommended for women in their 40s to remove the top layers of dead skin that contribute to making you look older than you really are. For particularly sensitive skin, a hydrating facial is easier on the skin and moisturizes and lightens the present pigmentation.

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