Why Choose Hydra-Lift in Mukilteo Over a Traditional Facelift?

hydra-lift in Mukilteo

The science of looking and feeling younger makes billions of dollars each year. As we age, we look for just about anything that will help to improve our appearance, especially in the face. Unwelcome features such as sagging skin and eyelids, drooping cheeks, dull skin, wrinkles and fine lines, age spots and scars all contribute to an older countenance. One treatment that demonstrates amazing results is the hydra-lift in Mukilteo. Aside from the obvious anti-aging outcome, this procedure does not involve surgery and is quite affordable by the average consumer.

A single session produces obvious results, although at least 3 treatments provide the maximum gain. This revolutionary therapy is fast and does not involve needles, anesthesia or a long recovery time, as do traditional facials. During the initial consultation at your visit, your personal esthetician will analyze your skin and determine the best way to proceed for the most benefit to you.

The hydra-lift procedure is relatively simple. Facial muscles are stimulated through ionization and oxygenation and are left firmer with a brighter skin tone. The face appears relaxed and skin smooth and glowing. Effects are visible immediately.

Conventional facelifts, although they typically do get results, are highly invasive in nature and have the capability to introduce infection and problems due to anesthesia. The cost is also extreme. Since it is major surgery, recovery time takes several weeks to several months before results are evident.

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