Why Consider Photo-Rejuvenation?

photo-rejuvenation in MukilteoThere is a newer facial treatment called photo-rejuvenation in Mukilteo on the market today that has many advantages over its competing products and services to restore brown and red spots on the skin that have been damaged by the sun.

This type of therapy uses intense broadband light projected from a specially designed wand that is more gentle on the skin than other similar treatments and leaves skin feeling particularly smooth and soft with improvement in the appearance of fine lines, along with reducing discolored areas.

The most popular locations for photo-rejuvenation are the hands, shoulders, chest, neck and face, but any area of the body can be treated in this way.

Photo-rejuvenation is completed in about five 30-45 minute sessions spaced three weeks apart. During treatment, the skin is spread with a cold gel and eye protection provided. The applicator carefully touches all portions of the area to be treated. Side effects are very mild and typically include heat and redness for a few hours after treatment. Spots may darken and intensify and then flake off in several days, leaving you looking and feeling fresh and renewed.

With careful skin care and frequent use of sunscreen, your “new look” can last for years.

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