Winter Skin Cures: Home Treatment and Facials in Lynnwood

facials in LynnwoodEven women who take great care of their skin often have more difficulty maintaining hydration and smoothness during colder months. There are a number of specific strategies that you can follow to reduce redness, increase the benefits of moisturizers and eliminate common problems in less than ideal weather. While there are many types of facials in Lynnwood that will definitely help your particular situation, there are also ways to combat issues at home with self care treatments.

  • A healthy lifestyle is critical to successful skincare. Getting enough sleep, eating properly and moderate exercise aid in the effective function of all of the body’s organs, and that includes a person’s largest organ – the skin. There is, unfortunately, no specific formula that works for everyone.
  • During the winter, the focus should be on cultivating the protective barrier of the skin that is made up of fatty acids and oils. Reducing the intake of inflammatory foods will significantly aid in balancing the makeup of the skin and promoting an overall feeling of well-being.
  • Keeping the body warm – inside and out – is good for the whole body. Eating and drinking warm foods and liquids, while ensuring that the body is sufficiently covered helps to maintain moisture.
  • Utilizing skin care products that cleanse gently and without drying makes certain that dead skin cells are removed without damaging the underlying layers. Moisturizers will be able to better penetrate the surface of the skin and there will be no irritation.
  • Hydration is of the utmost importance but replenishing oils or creams are valuable, as well.
  • Essential oils can be extremely helpful in solving winter skin issues but must only be used by those who are trained specifically in their use, as the medicinal properties that some oils have can damage skin when not used properly.

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